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Two Wells Playgroup

is a non-profit organisation run by a small group of volunteers from the Two Wells community. You may or may not know some of the families that attend, but hopefully you will come to know everyone and enjoy the positive, enriching, educational and safe environment provided for young children from birth through to school age.

Playing with Trains

The vision

for Playgroups across South Australia in general, is to create the opportunity for every child to learn through quality play experiences while supporting their families/carers in their role as primary educators. At Two Wells Playgroup we urge you to participate and provide feedback on a level that you feel comfortable. Playgroup is a team effort!

Playgroup meets:

In the Primary school’s red building across the oval from our centre.

On Tuesday mornings at 9.30am until 11:15, but arrival time is at your leisure.

Please bring a piece of fruit, so that it can be cut up and shared with the other children. ’Fruit Time’ is usually between 10 and 10.30 am and children sit down for a short period to eat. This is a great time for the younger children to observe their older peers sitting down to eat a healthy snack. As the Centre has a nutrition policy, we ask that only foods which support children’s healthy growth and development are brought. Clean up begins shortly after and we gradually start packing up for the morning.

Making Bubbles

The cost

of attending is $2.50 per family, not per child. Membership is compulsory and important as it provides insurance for accidents. There are also many other benefits of becoming a member, you will receive a complimentary Australian Baby Card (normally valued at $30) offering you hundreds of discounts online and from numerous South Australian based businesses. Please ensure that you have completed the membership form and paid the fees by your third playgroup visit.

The Children’s Centre has a Sun Protection Policy

 Please note that all adults and children are required to wear hats when outside, this is all year round. During warmer weather we also ask that you refrain from wearing tank tops, as they do not provide sufficient protection from the sun.


at Playgroup is about a duty of care, behaviour guidance , safety and fair play that is fun for everyone. Please ensure that you supervise your child/children at all times.

Queries or suggestions

please let us know. And remember, Playgroups are not just about children’s play. It is a time for adults to chat and enjoy friendships, sharing stories and parenting ’tips’.